Small businesses make up an important segment of our community that leads to economic growth. They create local opportunities, variety in goods and services, jobs and support our towns in thriving. When you have the opportunity to purchase from them or a larger business/corporation, I encourage you not to base your decision on price but rather what this small business means for our communities. While bigger box stores (or online giants) can offer great pricing, small business owners are part of the neighborhoods, have a personal relationship with their clients and go out of their way to make sure clients are taken care of.

When you purchase from a small business, you are increasing their sales so that they can create more jobs, create a livelihood for the owner and their family. You are supporting dance classes, school supplies, family vacations (if the owner is able to get away), college funds, retirement plans and so much more for our neighbors.

In honor of Small Business Week (May 5th– 11th), I am asking you to participate in the following goal: promote one small business everyday – through your own business, social media, word of mouth and/or through your own purchasing.

Here are some ideas:

  • Like one of their posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.
  • Share one of their posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and add a personalized message as to why others should use them. Studies show that people will follow the referral of a trusted source.
  • Tag a friend or two (or 5!) on one of the business’ posts to let them know about the business.
  • Make a purchase from their business.
  • Make a purchase from their business without asking for a discount (especially if it’s owned by a friend or family member)!

Let’s promote the amazing businesses that make our communities thrive!

Goal #2 – after this week, let’s keep promoting them regularly! We don’t have to wait for it to be National Small Business Week to let them know how important they are to our communities!

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About LIGHTS: Ohio University’s Innovation Center founded the LIGHTS Regional Innovation program in 2016. LIGHTS’ Innovation Network catalyzes the creation of companies to create high-wage jobs, and attract greater private investment in the coal-impacted regions of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The Appalachian Regional Commission generously funded the program because of its unique way of matching complex problems and opportunities facing corporations, communities, and individuals to a network of two strategically-placed Innovation Hubs and seven Gateways. New marketable products arise from these problems. The Gateways and Hubs are new business incubators and makerspaces serving a 28-county area.