LIGHTS Regional
Innovation Network

Make Your Ideas Happen

LIGHTS provides expertise, training, and resources to the region’s workforce, entrepreneurs, companies, and local
communities through a series of Innovation Gateways. The Gateways provide business incubation and
makerspaces. LIGHTS is for individuals, that live or work in the 26-county territory, with an interest in building
a product and/or creating a business. Contact us today to start your journey with LIGHTS!

Innovation Gateways

A series of Innovation Gateways provides paths to the larger Innovation Network. Gateways combine advanced prototyping development and business incubation services. Gateways serve as entry points, provide opportunities for building a sense of community in making products, and provide workforce skills development (i.e., welding, 3D printing, woodworking, fabric art, electronics, designing, etc).

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