According to the Small Business Administration, “(N)early one in ten small businesses in the U.S. is owned by a veteran. Together, they employ nearly 5 million American workers and produce more than $1 trillion in sales every year.” Providing resources to the people who serve their country isn’t just the right thing to do, but it also can be economy-changing activity especially when you consider in the Appalachian region, we have more veterans per capita than anywhere else in the country.


In honor of National Veterans Small Business Week, I would like to highlight some resources specific to them.

1. Contracting Opportunities for Veteran Entrepreneurs. The Small Business Administration developed a self-paced, 30-minutes training exercise as “an introduction to Federal contracting opportunities for Veterans. Topics include basic information about Veteran-owned businesses and opportunities, services available to small Veteran-owned businesses, small business incentives, and government procurement methods.”

2. From SCORE, the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative provides mentoring and training, along with free software and other services, to military veteran entrepreneurs. There are tons of resources on this site.

3. Boots to Business is another program of the Small Business Administration established to assist transitioning service members. There are several courses through the program including “Beginning your Journey,” “B2B: Market Research,” “B2B: Business Fundamentals,” and several others.

4. Veteran Entrepreneurial Portal was established by the Veteran’s Administration to save time in finding services through direct service delivery. Makes sure to check out the section on Corporate Partnerships to get new customers, mentors, and advice.

5. LIGHTS – Connect with one of our staff members to learn more about the resources we provide product-based startups and business owners across Appalachian Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Visit our website.

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We want to thank our military personnel past and present for their service to our country from the bottom of our hearts.