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Athens MakerSpace Class Attendee Liability Agreement

All individuals who wish to become an AMS Member, visit AMS with a Member or participate in a class are required to read the Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk agreement below. Please: 1) Read this Agreement in its entirety; 2) Check the acknowledgement box on the class sign-in form

Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk Definitions

  1. "AMS" is Athens MakerSpace. AMS consists of the AMS Facility, services and activities, all under the control and operation of URC-RUI.

  2. "URC-RUI" is Ultimate Recycling Center dba Reuse Industries, which operated AMS. 

  3. "URC-RUI Representatives" include any owner, manager, officer, employee, agent, contractor, volunteer, and/or paid or unpaid instructor of URC-RUI. 

  4. "AMS Facility" is the portion of the property known as 751 W. Union St, Athens OH.

  5. "AMS Website" is www.athensohiomakerspace.com.

  6. "Member" is any person that subscribes for access to the AMS Facility, equipment, services and/or classes.

  7. "Guest" is any person accessing the AMS Facility, services and/or classes and who is not a member. 

Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk

I understand that the AMS Facility and the machines, equipment, and materials existing at the AMS Facility are potentially hazardous and may cause property damage and/or bodily injuries including fatal injuries. I also understand that the AMS Facility and the machines, equipment, and materials existing at the facility present risks and dangers, including, but not limited to, risks and dangers posed by:

  1. Use, misuse, malfunction or defects in machines, equipment and/or materials.

  2. Lack of training, instruction and/or supervision. 

  3. Failure to follow safety instruction and guidance.

  4. Lack of warning as to dangerous conditions (natural or man-made).

  5. The presence of, or exposure to, flammable and/or hazardous substances.

  6. Arc flashes or burns from welding or other equipment or substances.

  7. Hot, sharp, flying, spinning, rotating, falling, and/or otherwise-moving objects and equipment components. 

  8. Dust and other airborne particles. 

  9. Tripping hazards.

  10. Human error, negligence, and/or careless conduct by myself or others.

  11. Lack of emergency medical care.

Understanding the risks and dangers, and in consideration of being permitted to become a Member or a Guest of AMS,  I hereby Agree to the following:

  1. Release. I release and discharge URC-RUI and its owners, managers, employees, agents, contractors, and instructors (collectively "URC-RUI Representatives") from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss or injury results from the negligence of URC-RUI and URC-RUI Representatives or from any other cause whatsoever.

  2. Assumption of Risk. I accept and assume any and all risks and dangers of bodily injury, permanent disability, death and/or property damage, even if caused in whole, or in part, by the negligence of URC_RUI or URC-RUI Representatives, that may occur while I am at the AMS Facility or engaged in any activity at the AMS Facility. I agree not to allow my guests to touch or handle any equipment and that members of my family may access the AMS Facility and its equipment only if they are authorized to do so by the URC-RUI according to the requirements of this Agreement. I understand and agree that I may be held responsible for any unapproved actions which result in injury or property damage. I understand that, if I am disruptive to others or to the AMS Facility or to any item therein, or if I am behaving in an unsafe manner, I may be asked to leave the AMS Facility and/or have my membership or any other AMS service cancelled with no refund of any paid fees. 

  3. Safety Instruction. I agree to follow all instructions and safety precautions including wearing appropriate safety devices at all times, and to refrain from touching or manipulating any piece of equipment at the AMS Facility which I have not been instructed to handle.

  4. Lost or Stolen Private Property. I understand that URC-RUI is not responsible for my private property or any property in my custody that may be lost or stolen at the AMS Facility.

  5. Physical and Mental Condition. I certify that I am in good physical and mental condition and free of any medications, drugs, or alcohol that will affect my ability to handle tools or technology safely and as directed or to participate safely in a visit to or tour of the AMS Facility. I further agree not to handle any AMS equipment under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other inebriates, legal or otherwise.

  6. Personal Protective Equipment and Proper Attire. I understand that appropriate safety gear and attire will be explained and discussed in AMS Safety classes, are explained in the AMS Member Handbook, and have been explained to me as appropriate prior to any tour or visit to the AMS Facility in which I participate. I further understand that wearing such safety gear and attire, whether provided to me by URC-RUI at the AMS Facility or not, is my responsibility and that I am solely responsible for any harm that comes to me or any other person because of my decision not to wear appropriate safety gear or attire.

  7. Indemnification. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless URC-RUI and the URC-RUI Representatives for any and all liabilities, claims, damages, losses and expenses, including attorneys' fees, which URC-RUI or the URC-RUI Representatives incur as a result of any claim of bodily injury, death or property damage arising from my presence at, or participation in activities at, the AMS Facility.

  8. Consent to Medical Treatment. I consent to emergency medical care and transportation in order to obtain treatment in the event of injury to me, as URC-RUI may deem appropriate. The release set forth in Paragraph 1 of the Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk section of this Agreement extends to any liability arising out of, or in any way connected with, the medical treatment and transportation provided in the event of an emergency.

  9. Jurisdiction and Interpretation. I agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any lawsuit arising out of this Agreement shall be the state courts located in Athens County, Ohio. To the extent that any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, void or illegal under applicable law, then any such part shall be inapplicable and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

  10. Minor Children. I agree that my minor children (please list in the "Minor Children" section in the class sign-in form) may be Guests or Members of AMS. By checking the acknowledgement box on the class sign-in form, I reaffirm this Agreement on behalf of my minor children, including but not limited to the provisions relating to releases, assumption of risks and indemnification, and I agree that the terms and provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon my minor children listed in the "Minor Children" section below. I further agree that any and all participation of my minor children in any activity at the AMS Facility will be consistent with the terms and conditions set forth in the AMS Member Handbook.

  11. Binding Nature. This Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk section of this Agreement shall be binding upon my personal representatives and heirs and shall be binding upon my minor children listed in the "Minor Children" section in the class sign-in form of this Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk section of this Agreement and their personal representatives and heirs.

  12. Survival. The terms and provisions set forth in this Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk section of this Agreement shall survive and continue beyond the termination of my being a member or Guest of AMS, or beyond my presence or activities as a guest at AMS.

  13. Photo, Video, and Audio Release. I understand that people representing various media outlets or URC-RUI may take photographs, video, or audio recordings of classes, events, tours, or activities at the AMS Facility while I am there. I hereby authorize these media outlets and URC-RUI to use, reproduce and/or publish photographs and/or video and/or audio that pertains to me, including my image, likeness, and/or voice, without compensation, and I authorize the use of this material in various publications in print or online, for AMS recruitment material or for other related endeavors.

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