4 Ways Your Business/Organization Will Benefit From a CRM

As a business in the for-profit world, or as an organization within the nonprofit there are definite benefits to using a CRM. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that aids businesses/organizations in the management of interactions with customers, partners, and/or service providers. There are many CRM options available like Salesforce and ZOHO, and some even offer a light version of their software for free, like Hubspot. Here are 4 ways your business/organization can benefit from implementing a CRM. Improved Organization- Utilizing a CRM allows your business/organization to keep all information about its customers/clients/partners in one place. Not only demographic information bu

You don't have to be a nonprofit to make a difference in the world

We’ve had many clients come to us about creating a nonprofit because they want to give back to their community or a cause they are passionate about. And while we absolutely love that, you don’t have to have a nonprofit to contribute to the good of the world. As a small business owner, mastering your business is important because without it, you don’t have the ability to give back. But as you are starting this business, or if you have an existing business that is thriving, you can think about having a double bottom line or even triple bottom line business model. The bottom line for a business is the profit/loss for the year. By focusing on a double bottom line, you are also measuring the p

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