Digital Tools (for Creation & Making)

Importance of Tools Without question, “the right tool for the job” is an adage that holds as true now regarding digital tools, as it did with physical tools. Having the tool that lets you do exactly the thing you need is not only empowering, but also challenging. Finding tools to help with making, whether purely digital, or digital to physical are difficult to choose. What do I need? What tools are on the market? Which will work with my setup? So many questions. -We’re here to help. What you Need Step #1: Figure out what you need to accomplish. Sounds simple (I know!) until you realize that either, this is new to you (and you have no idea what you’re doing), or you’re in a scenario where t

Quarterly Metrics Review

Through our blogs, we spend a lot of time talking about how to improve your small business, the benefits of LIGHTS, and how we can help you develop a business or idea, but I bet you'd like to see some proof of success. Look no further! The remainder of this blog will be used to demonstrate success through a review of our captured metrics for this quarter (January-March) and our cumulative metrics. Since its inception in 2016, the LIGHTS Network (central staff and partners) have assisted 199 startup businesses and new product lines for those fitting the product-based profile. This quarter (January-March) alone, companies who've received assistance managed revenues exceeding $1.8 million with

Supporting Our Small Businesses

Small businesses make up an important segment of our community that leads to economic growth. They create local opportunities, variety in goods and services, jobs and support our towns in thriving. When you have the opportunity to purchase from them or a larger business/corporation, I encourage you not to base your decision on price but rather what this small business means for our communities. While bigger box stores (or online giants) can offer great pricing, small business owners are part of the neighborhoods, have a personal relationship with their clients and go out of their way to make sure clients are taken care of. When you purchase from a small business, you are increasing their sal

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