As a business in the for-profit world, or as an organization within the nonprofit there are definite benefits to using a CRM. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that aids businesses/organizations in the management of interactions with customers, partners, and/or service providers. There are many CRM options available like Salesforce and ZOHO, and some even offer a light version of their software for free, like Hubspot.

Here are 4 ways your business/organization can benefit from implementing a CRM.

  • Improved Organization- Utilizing a CRM allows your business/organization to keep all information about its customers/clients/partners in one place. Not only demographic information but also documents shared and agreements signed. People groups can be categorized (Is this a partner for whom I am expecting a service or is this a client for whom I am delivering a service?) CRMs keep interactions and information (emails, meetings, calls, and notes) all in one place, all at your fingertips. Only have 5 minutes to prep for your call with your largest client? Good thing you don’t have to spend that 5 minutes searching through your inbox to find the last bit of information you communicated.
  • Scalability- Let’s face it, keeping your customer/client/partner information in a spreadsheet can only take you so far. Eventually you’ll get lost in the sheer amount of information. CRMs are made for scalability, as I mentioned earlier, there are some CRMs that provide free access to tools and unlimited contacts but as your businesses/organization’s customer base and needs grow and change, the CRM can grow and evolve along with you.
  • Consistency and Follow-Through- With so many obligations to track (tasks, meetings, expectations, deadlines) it can be difficult to always be top of things. CRMs can provide a means of follow-through for you and your business/organization by setting tasks for clients within the CRM. There is nothing worse than unintentionally missing a task or deadline for a client/partner for whom you’ve worked hard to please.
  • Efficiency and Transparency- Finally, status updates can be gathered without wasting staff time on lengthy meetings. Because interactions between employees and clients are housed within the CRM, managers can review the communication and client statuses with ease!

These are just a few ways implementing a CRM can benefit your business/organization. Let LIGHTS help you find the tools to fit your needs!

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