Building Bridges to Careers is pleased to present our Business Partner of the Month for November 2017. Our Business Partners of the Month are organizations that play an active role in helping us Bridge the Gap between education and employment. The Buckeye Hills Regional Council is a shining example of how being an active partner with our organization can impact our area youth.

Buckeye Hills Regional Council helps local communities work cooperatively to improve the region. A voluntary organization of local government political subdivisions, Buckeye Hills serves eight counties securing financial resources to translate ideas into action. Since its inception, Buckeye Hills has secured over $500 million for education, health care, infrastructure, training and social services programs in the region. You can learn more about their services at

Bret Allphin, Development Director for Buckeye Hills Regional Council, may be one of the most active partners we have at BB2C. His work with BB2C has made him a valuable asset to our mission. In his words, “Building bridges to careers gives us a meaningful way to have a positive impact on the workforce challenges we hear about so regularly from our members and partner organizations. It also gives us an opportunity to share our work with new groups and parties that we might not otherwise interface with as we do our day to day tasks.”

Buckeye Hills Regional Council understands the impact and value of networking with BB2C as well as others in the area. He explains, “Being an active member has helped us form important new partnerships that have led to new project opportunities. It’s also helped bring a new perspective to our planning and community development activities for our service region. It’s an important asset that helps us attack the issue of connecting education to employment from multiple angles. It provides points of interaction between local students and their families and local businesses, local governments, social services, and other resources aimed at helping our young people cultivate a career pathway that helps them achieve their goals.”

Our Partnership with Buckeye Hills Regional Council has created real, tangible results. As an example, we have been included in the POWER grant that they received to support regional innovation in our area. That is a really big deal which has connected us to many regional resources that we would not have been connected to otherwise. To celebrate this, the Buckeye Hills Regional Council will have a big kickoff meeting for their Innovation Gateway Project. The event is being held at their office located at 1400 Pike Street on November 15th, from 4:30p to 6:00p and is open to the public. Click here for more information and to register.